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How to Pick Out Iron On Patches for your Child’s Attire

Sewing your child’s cloth is a privilege that mothers have. In fact, a lot of parents are into this kind of thing because they want to see just how cute their child is in the clothes that they make for them. They also have a much clearer idea on what type of dress or pants they want to see their child in as they know the latter best. They know what kind of clothes the child is comfortable in as well, so they can make it accordingly.

There are many designs that come with making clothes for children. You can just get your sewing machine then pick some patterns from the Internet. In just a few hours, it is possible for you to have a dress for your daughter.

While you may be following the pattern that are already made available for you online, it is imperative that you add a personal touch to the clothes. By adding a personal touch in the clothes, these will have more value. Moreover, the clothes will be different from the rest because these are personalized. Your child will surely feel proud when wearing it.

Since that is the case, personalizing the clothes is a given. There are numerous tips that you should take advantage of to personalize the clothes. One of them is to make use of iron on patches. The iron on patches are those easy-to-use patches that you can transfer into any fabric through the use of heat. It is convenient and safe to use.

If you plan to use the said iron on patches, the first thing you have to do is to pick out the best style or design fitting that suits your child’s personality and clothes. Here are some of the top choices when it comes to the type of patches you should give to your little one:

Cartoon character patch –

Every child has a cartoon character that he or she loves. Some children love Minnie Mouse while others love Daffy Duck. You just have to know what cartoon character your little one loves so you can pick the right choice.

Iron on patches

Superhero patch –

It is necessary to know what superhero your little one loves. The superhero may be Superman or Batman. It can even be Baymax. By knowing the superhero idol of your little one, you can look for a patch that has that superhero’s face on it. Your child will definitely be happy to find a mark of their superhero in their clothes.

Toy patch –

Children, no matter how old they are, love toys. Some are into cars while others are into dolls. You should consider looking for patches that have the picture of the kind of toy that your child loves. Aside from cars and dolls, other types include building blocks, toy houses, and the likes.

Animal patch –

Cute little children love cute little animals. They are the perfect combination. That is why you also have to check some animal patches and consider adding them to your little one’s clothes. You can easily combine these with the toy or the cartoon character patches. Some types of animal patches that you can easily access nowadays are cats, dogs, rabbits, or bears.

Flower patch –

This is especially useful when you are making girl’s dresses. The dress will look even lovelier when you add some flower patterns to it. You should check out some colorful iron on patches with flowery designs to see if they will match the kind of dress you plan to make for your little one.


Food patch –

There are times when you will find the clothes more adorable when you add in some food patch. These are the patches that have food designs on them. Some examples include ice cream, cake, burger, lollipop, candies, and the likes. Adding these patches may even stimulate the little one’s appetite.

Custom-made patch –

Of course, don’t forget the patches that you can customize. For example, you can have the name of your child customized into a patch. That should help you ensure that your child’s clothes won’t get lost, especially when the child’s things get mixed up with others in the day care center. Aside from names, you can design whatever you want. Just make sure that it matches your child’s clothes.

These are just some of the different types of iron on patches that you should consider adding to your child’s clothes. You have to choose carefully. Pick out the one, which really matches your kid’s personality, likes and interests. That way, you can guarantee that your kid will love the dress or blouse you have sewed for them. It should not be that difficult to pick out the kind of patches to add to your child’s clothes nowadays, right?
these nowadays, right?